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Why does your tummy gurgle during treatments?

I have noticed since returning to my Treatment Room

that there are a lot of tummy gurgles going on!

Many of you start apologising for this as I think you feel embarrassed by the noise during your quiet time.

The more you try and fight it the louder it becomes sometimes!!

As a Therapist treating you, this is such a positive reaction from you and your body, this is why........

It is our Peripheral Nervous System that has a network of nerves throughout the body that sends and responds to signals between the body/internal organs and the brain.

The Peripheral Nervous System is split into 2 systems the Autonomic Nervous System and the Somatic/Voluntary Nervous System. It is the Autonomic Nervous System that responds automatically, like your breathing, your heart rate, blood pressure, pupil responses, digestion and more - these responses are out of your control, they just happen!

The Autonomic Nervous System is split into 3 further systems... the Sympathetic - your fight or flight response system, Parasympathetic your rest and digest response system and Enteric Nervous System.

It is the Parasympathetic Nervous System that is responsible for the 'rest and digest' response when your body is relaxed, resting or feeding. It slows down breathing and heart rate and increases digestion. Thus, when you begin to relax on my couch your Parasympathetic System gets to work.

(The Enteric Nervous System is known as the 'gut-brain' system - it lines your gastro-intestinal tract from your oesophagus to your rectum and it is responsible for regulating the speed at which food moves through the gut, secreting acid in the stomach, and producing mucus on the intestinal lining.)

Hopefully when you arrive in my treatment room your mind and body know that there is no perceived threat for your Sympathetic Nervous System - 'fight or flight' to respond to, so therefore, your Parasympathetic Nervous System begins to respond by going into its 'rest and digest' state, therefore allowing your digestion to work as it should without the interference of outside stressors - when gurgling can begin!!

Our Brain waves also have an impact - Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta - by relaxing onto my couch and closing your eyes your brain waves begin to change depending on your level of relaxation...it is Alpha, Theta and Delta we are hoping to have more of during relaxation time.

Alpha Brain Waves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, or when you are slipping into a lovely daydream or during light meditation. Alpha is the frequency between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. It helps us calm down when necessary and promotes feelings of deep relaxation.

Theta Brain Waves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant during deep meditation. It is also involved in restorative sleep.

Delta Brain Waves are the slowest brainwaves (low frequency), experienced in a deep,

dreamless sleep and in very deep meditation. They are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. They have also been found to be involved in unconscious bodily functions such as regulating heart beat and digestion. Adequate production of delta waves helps us feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep.

So, allowing yourself to relax completely during your sessions with me can only have a positive effect on your whole wellbeing. From switching on your Parasympathetic Nervous System to slowing down your brain wave frequency. Thus allowing your body to rest, digest, repair and heal.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed researching this!

Fascinating stuff!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

Take care,

Jill x


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