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How to enhance your time on my couch

After having booked a treatment with me, please take a few minutes to have a read through the list below, this will hopefully enable you to get the most out of your time on the couch.


Make sure you set off in plenty of time, if you find yourself slightly late, you are more than likely going to get stuck behind a bus/tractor, the lights on traffic lights will always be against you!! If you end up feeling rushed, you will arrive a little flustered, rather than calm and ready for your session!


Wear something comfy to lie in or easy to remove if having a massage! You don't need to dress up for me! Comfort is key.


Have a think about how you are feeling the morning/afternoon of your appointment - what are you wanting from your session today? Have you got any new issues? How would you like to feel at the end of your treatment?



More mobile





The list is endless, but do focus on the positive feelings rather than.....

I want to feel......less stressed, no more aches and pains, not as tired.....


Turn your phone on silent, so that your time on the couch is just for you, no interruptions. I appreciate that sometimes it may be necessary, but make sure your time is important too.


Once you are on the couch, become aware of your breath, I will encourage you to do this at the start - taking a few deep breaths to bring you into the moment will calm you and send the right message to your body to allow it to soften, your energy to flow more freely and receive what it needs from the treatment. Being aware of your breath during your session will also help you to be present, recognising how your body is responding to your treatment!


I encourage you to remain quiet once your session begins, unless you would like to communicate how you are feeling or if we need to make any changes to your treatment. Allowing calm and quiet in your mind and body will give you a deeper more positive experience. Giving you space to process your feelings or reactions to your session - these could be on a physical or emotional level - I encourage you to release these rather than keep them hidden.


Once the treatment is over, take your time to come round - don't rush off the couch, by taking a few deep breaths, allowing your mind and body to absorb the session, noticing any changes to the way you're feeling.


Try and have some time after your treatment, don't go rushing off to do something else, allowing your body to fully integrate, continuing to notice any changes. Just sitting and observing or even going for a gentle walk will allow your cells and tissues to continue soaking up all that they need.


Between treatments make time to think about how you're feeling, what you need from your next session, do you have any particular aches and pains or are you feeling a little emotional or tired, any stress in your life? It's even helpful to keep a notebook handy or a journal to write down how you're feeling on a daily basis - physically or emotionally. This is also a good idea when starting out with your treatments as it will give you an indication if things are improving and you'll know if your sessions are beneficial.


Book your next appointment!! So you have something in your diary to look forward to and plan for.

Please do get in touch if you would like to book in for a treatment, or just to have a chat to find out if I'm the right Therapist for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog!

Take care,

Jill x

Call: 01937 844915

Email: hello@jilllewis.co.uk

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