Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology


Dien Chan Zone (DCZ) Facial Reflexology is a deeply relaxing form of Reflexology performed with a 'tool' on the face. We are working with your Central Nervous System, sending messages from the outside to the inside, unblocking and releasing your energy, opening up pathways and allowing it to flow freely.  By using established maps and points on the face this can bring harmony and balance to the mind, body and soul. DCZ has been adapted over many years in Italy from Traditional Vietnamese Medicine. As with all of my treatments it is tailored to you and your needs. 

Stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycles, fertility, menopause, allergies, digestive problems, circulatory issues, urinary health, inflammation, sleep issues, headaches/migraines and many more can be helped with DCZ Facial Reflexology.

You will remain fully clothed and will be lying down or slightly elevated if more comfortable for you and covered in a blanket. Relaxing and softening your body onto my warm treatment couch, closing your eyes and allowing your body and mind to switch off and settle into a space where you can begin to rest and repair.

This is an amazing stand alone treatment or can be received together with Foot Reflexology if you would just like to give it a try before having a full hour or even incorporated in a Facial instead of your massage - great ways to get an incredible introduction! Or a one off Introductory Session of 30 mins, click on the link below to find out more. 


It is also a treatment that you can continue doing at home. It empowers you (the receiver), enabling you to take back some control of your own wellbeing. The busier our lives have become, the more disconnected we are to our bodies and the messages it is sending us, Facial Reflexology is a beautiful tool to help you reconnect with yourself and to begin listening once more to what your body is telling you.


If you wish to take this treatment home, you will be gifted a 'map' specifically to help YOU, which will enable continuation of your journey at home.  From just 5 minutes a day for 21 days and then 7 days off (if you do this you will notice that when you get to your 7 days off you will miss giving yourself a treatment!!)  This cycle can be continued indefinitely. Each time you return for a treatment with me we will make sure you are still working on the correct 'map' for you.  Making daily notes of how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally will all help you on your wellbeing journey. By just spending a few minutes a day this can give you powerful results. You can use a reflexology tool, your fingers/knuckles, a rounded end of a pen, a crochet hook......you don't have to have expensive gadgets!!

Since beginning my training I have been treating myself on a daily basis on my Reproductive System to help my hot flushes at night (I'm of a certain age!!) and after my first cycle of 21 days I noticed things changing and at the time of writing this I have not been woken by a hot flush in over 3 months - YEY!!! I have also noticed how much brighter I feel on waking in the morning, as though I am getting better quality sleep too. I do my self treatment every night, just before bed, whilst watching tele!


£48 - Pay on the day Treatment - appx 1 hour

£43 - Monthly - appx 1 hour

Please allow up to 75 mins for your appointment

Introductory offer 

If you would prefer to have a 30 minute treatment to

experience this technique before receiving a full hour!

  • 1st Session £35

  • 30 Minute Treatment

  • Please allow up to 50 mins for your appointment for initial consultation 

  • Only one treatment at this price per client