Jill Lewis Holistic Therapies
Jill Lewis Holistic Therapies
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Massage ~  Reflexology ~ Holistic Facials 

Relax...Your body ~ Rebalance...Your mind ~ Restore...Your wellbeing


"Your Treatments are heaven, I'm so very glad I found you"


Welcome, please take a moment to browse through my site, by clicking on the menu above,
this will give you a clear idea of all the wonderful treatments available to you....

Holistic Therapy is not just a pampering treat, but is so beneficial to keeping your mind, body and soul in balance.  You can be pushed to your limits with work, life, family, illness, general everyday stress - receiving regular treatments may help reduce the effects that these outside stressors can have on your wellbeing.

Please have a look at the individual treatments to find out more about each one and decide which is right for you.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please give me a call/email.

I live in Boston Spa, near Wetherby.....appx 10 miles from: Leeds, Harrogate and York.
I am a home based Therapist and working from home allows me to give you the best customer care and time that you deserve.

A warm, cosy room awaits, including warm blankets!


  Appointment times:

  Tuesday - 9.45am - 4.30pm

  Wednesday - 9.45am - 4.30pm

  Thursday - 9.45am - 4.30pm

  Ladies only

  Tel: 01937 844915

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